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  • I live in The Philippines with Nacho the stupid cat
  • My occupation is I am a legend in Six-Guns as Kudarat-HH
  • I am a Respawnables player since Summer Camp 2016 playing mostly as Kudaяat, Du30 or Philippine

Updated 11.11.2016

Kudarat with Tour Dela Muerte

DON'T SHOOT RED!! xD With Tour Dela Muerte

"Yea that's it yellowbellies run like Garfields happy life & Hack Hater!! Lest I kill ya." xD

About me Pardner

  • I started playing Six Guns November 2014 (bought the Full Metal set and Witch Impaler--a nostalgic time when opponents were as weak as me and fully thinking the Impaler was the best weapon yet!! xD)
  • Most Wanted Top Ten Globally (but IDC leagues anymore bub)
  • Usually in Most Wanted League Top 100 Globally (World 28th xD)
  • Reached 5000 league points
  • My health's a secret--duh 2147483647??!! xD
  • I'm a Nub-don't know any glitches at all!
  • I'm usually clothed in War's Hat & War's Coat nowadays
  • Likes: Spawn camping, Hand Dragons, Final Blow, Mutilator, melee fights & the neck snap in a kill! xD
  • Dislikes: Hackers, wall mice, Masquerade elixir and Hand of Kisin duels
  • I HATE DYING--usually leave the matches if killed :'(
  • I'm in the Hacker Hunters (HH) Gang

Find me!! Troll with me :))

  • My Game Center Usernames: #F28Kudarat-HH / DatuTalal-HH
  • My GLive Username: DatuTalal
  • Facebook: Kudarat Hacker-Hunter (
  • In the matches: As Kudarat, Kudarat-HH, DatuTalal-HH using War Set
  • These days I usually troll 4-5am Philippines time (GMT +8)
  • I also play Respawnables (alot) nowadays. xD

How I play

  • I DON'T SHOOT unless shot at!! Just trolling. El Matadero fountain usually. So PEACE BUB! xD
  • Do shoot me and the only way to survive the match is to RUN-gimme the run around. xD
  • For persistently annoying opponents I use the Hand of Kisin to "toy" with them--making for slow kills with annoying helplessness. xD If you're lucky I'll kill you fast with my Hand Dragons. xD

P.S. I'd like to thank the people of this wiki; Bash (who was patient enuf with mah stoopid questions-sadly I've more), the founders of this Wiki, Kevin (whom I had a tiff with earlier-so sorry bout that me friend-hands up already Ok?), Deadcyrax (who made pages for me-keep it up bro!), Bossman too (a blackhat-shh), Su (MY MASTER arguably the best player in Android xD), Spear (he's frenly eenuf), Feedback13 an SG Wiki old hand who was kind to us newbies, Vwex my troll buddy nowadays, to the rest of the contributors and Gameloft-for a great game-you've got me hooked!

P.P.S. (Post Postscript) Thanks too Fabien buddy sir fer addin me on your Facebook account-who'd ever guess you'd be as handsome as meself yeah (Wut?! But yuh wearin Death's Hood Kudarat!?). And Danial me friend cuz you've looked me up-I've already added yer humble self sir.

Words to live by (yeah you'll live if you heed it xD)

IMG 5114

Gone berserk with 25 kills!

"You can't kill me."
—Cultists, Six-Guns
"Can't wait to taste you."
—Cultists, Six-Guns

"Been a long time since I've seen my own blood."
—The Lord Marshal, The Chronicles of Riddick

"Convert now... or fall forever."
—The Lord Marshal, The Chronicles of Riddick

"Ask yourself bub, have you ever killed me?! Don't think so bub unless you've one-hit kill." xD

My Gallery:

My Wishlist (it's New Year) to Gameloft:

  • Ban them hackers (even glitches have become valid coz of them)
  • Fix "Stranger" issue-players can't be identified; hacker or not!
  • Remove the leagues or maybe no ranking just the leagues or maybe only those with VIP can be Top 100 Globally (I know-dis juz mah opinion guys!)
  • Remove weapons cycling-you guys can't even ban hackers now you regulate us!? Or just fix my Hand Dragons glitch! Make it appear in the dang shop in multiplayer!
  • Nerf the Hand of Kisin's STUN or remove it's fast fire glitch! Dagnabbit! What do people have to do to git things done around here?  :(

Shout-out to Gameloft

Thanks much fer actin on mah wishlist buddies! You've nerfed that stoopid Hand o' Kisin, made available mah beloved Hand Dragons through that new weapons console (no more goin through the dang shop) and made a new league point system to boot! I can just see meself pattin you guys on the back but yuh see, me and Buck's and (finally) Fabien off tuh hunt fer more hackers. See ya round boys (and girls).


Who'd ever guess that the league's purty much the same-Gameloft never changed it! Anyhow what's important's I'm goin up in it's cuz maybe lots o folks been banned after the Madness update. Great! xD Suffering succotash  :/

Ban rooted and jailbroken devices!!!

Just like how the Japanese gaming companies do it-this prevents any hacking at all anymore! Jeez just came in from the matches-it's really now full of one-hit killers. And to think that the Trickster update would be any good.. Six Guns' really trashed now. :(

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