The exterior view of Abandoned Train

Abandoned Train, also known as Northern Passage, is a deteriorating, abandoned, run-down train which has stopped inside a tunnel located in the north of Arizona, hence its name, "Abandoned Train". The other end of the train is suspended mid-air with only its old, rusty joints supporting it.

Inside it, you will find a biologist in the fourth cabin. He claims to be a researcher and provides you with a quest. Occasionally, you will find three other men. Two can be found in the fifth cabin and one in the sixth cabin, adjacent to the seventh and last cabin, the one suspended mid-air.

You will also find sheep and chickens wandering idly in the second and third cabins. They will respawn when you kill them, though not immediately.

You will also find an entrance to the shooting lottery room in the fifth cabin.

You will find the Showdown in the Canyon, La Grande Finale, and La Grande Finale, Part 2 storyline missions in the last cabin.

The abandoned train is the only accessible crashed vehicle in the game.



  • The barman in the fifth room uses the same character model as the one in the storyline.
  • The man in the sixth room staring out the window uses the same animation as Doctor Rickets.