• Bbbllloooxxx

    August 17-18, 2018:

    New weapons in version 2.9.0 have their prices changed: Man Mower - 80,000 coins (I bought it for 100 Sheriff Stars, which sound hard to get.) Charging Rhino - 5 Sheriff Stars (I bought it for 40 Sheriff Stars.) Death Lesson - 40 Sheriff Stars.

    August 26, 2018:

    Suddenly, the free Lottery became available after 19 hours. Instead of 24 hours.

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  • Infinity-710

    I would like to make some requests and suggestion that could make the game a lot better.I think other gamers have lots of good ideas too that could really make Six guns  a lot better game.And we would like to mention serious problems like graphical error or gameplay or any types founded in the latest versions.SO WE WOULD LIKE TO DRAW THE ATTENTION OF THE DEVELOPERS.

    1.    How come there's no duel? Like two man standing before each other for a one shoot death match.Duel against deadly and famous bandits! That would be  so cool.How's Six guns don't have that type of missions? Everyone would like this mission added in story mode as normal mission in both Arizona and Oregon + multiplayer duels maybe.

    2.    We would really love to ride boats in c…

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  • Amwl415

    It's been a while since I've written a blog or even anything long here on the wiki, I just don't see myself becoming very active again here on Wikia, occasionally returning for some trivia edits of the other games I play. So I've decided to leave this final blog here on my main wiki, hopefully for you guys to see. 

    If you're looking to have a chat, play some games or just to say hi, here're a few places you can contact me.

    • Email:
    • Discord: HkrDth #6008
    • Steam:

    I'll still return here to moderate and keep things from falling apart whenever I receive emails regarding recent activities, so don't think I'll be ignoring my admin duties. >:)

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  • Su712
    So finally, after more than two years, Gameloft has finally decided to update Six Guns on Play Store *insert surprised emoji*

    Before we get too excited however, let's look at the changelog: hotfixes to crush some bugs and some UI improvements.

    There does not appear to be any new content (I am currently updating the game and will edit this post if I find any significant changes). However the fact that Gameloft actually bothered to put in enough effort to update the game we had labeled as "abandoned" for all purposes... Well... What do you guys think? Do you feel it's a warm up for a big update or maybe a sequel? Or just Gameloft being Gameloft (aka trying to milk the game even further)?

    Edit: Apparently the update is exclusive to only some ver…

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  • Minja536

    Here we are.

    September 12, 2016 by Minja536

    I don't know where to begin. I don't know how may people will read this. Heck, I don't know if anybody will. But I'm making this blog anyway, so get ready for a banter.

    I'd like for us to look back and remember the first time we played Six Guns. Most of the veterans here, including myself, started playing around 2012-ish, as Six Guns came out in December of 2011. Every single one of us has a different experience with Six Guns. I can remember Six Guns as the game my cousin introuduced to me on a trip. Young, stupid me couldn't even pass Fort Ghost without being spooked. But I kept playing anyway. That... was so long ago. So much has changed. Almost everything. Some of us can remember when multiplayer was a revolutionary thing at the time. Th…

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  • SpearArc

    Well, i'm leaving in case you haven't guessed. If you did than :D...

    Gahhh it makes me feel sad everytime going on this wiki, seeing everyone leave and become inactive. This game and this wiki used to be my life to me, i remember in 2014 i would play this game nonstop for hours everyday thinking i was pro until i tried multiplayer lmao. I remember in summers whei visited my grandparents all I did was play Six Guns, and if the iPad died i would just go out and playfooball. Ahh i remember when my cousin went on my ipad and bought lots of ammo and clothing andi was soo pissed :'D... This game was unhealthy lol

    And when i found this wiki, it was because of a data wipe and i looked for answers on google and found this site. This glorious site tha…

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  • Kudarat

    Cowboy Names

    February 2, 2016 by Kudarat

    In typical western fashion cowboys get their names based on their particular abilities. In game we get to meet Heavy Will in the mission "A Heavy Situation", Coward Mark in the mission "Marked for Death" (funny the the one hunting you is a COWARD xD), Hurricane Matt in Storm Chaser (no wonder hes Hurricane Matt he dang rides fast!! xD) or Stew SWINDLE of the lottery fame (no wonder lottery sucks xD). 

    So maybe you can name youself after qualities you'd like to be known for Stranger. :)  As fer me from hence on maybe I'll call meself "No-Shoot Kudarat"  xD. Anyone as Too-Fast Smith here? Two-Left-Feet Johnny? Well, goodluck, good names huntin boys and girls!!

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  • Darkangel12S

    Daily Rewards Stats

    January 20, 2016 by Darkangel12S

    These are the daily reward stats ==

    • 8,575 Coins
    • 5,375 XP
    • 13 Sheriff Stars
    • 125 V

    • 18,000 Coins
    • 8,375 XP
    • 7 Sheriff Stars
    • 2,645 V
    • Mexican Hat
    • 2 Bronze Shooting Lottery Tickets
    • Golden Triple-Barrel Terror

    • 31,850 Coins
    • 12,600 XP
    • 11 Sheriff Stars
    • 4,365 V
    • Witch Hunter Hat
    • 2 Silver Shooting Lottery Tickets
    • The Golden Consecrator

    • 56,500 Coins
    • 25,400 XP
    • 55 stars
    • Duelist hat
    • 2 Gold Shooting Lottery Tickets
    • Golden Ripper
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  • FrostRC

    ...because Gameloft ignores old projects and deletes them in order to focus on future projects.

    Proof? Well, search up Modern Combat: Sandstorm on the App Store. It's not there. Why? Because they removed the game.

    Ever since MC5 was introduced Gameloft Bucharest has influenced pretty much all of Gameloft.

    Even Glu has influenced them.

    This is Gameloft ever since 2013:

    Gameloft boss: We are extremely good at making great games. Everyone knows that our games are superbe.

    Gameloft official: Yeah, yeah, our games are superbe. So what are you trying to demonstrate?

    Gameloft boss: Well, for 2014, we shall make 90% of our games terrible and filled with in-app purchases. So we get great amounts of de l' argent from new players that heard that our previou…

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  • Wallbreakingnews


    January 16, 2016 by Wallbreakingnews

    I am the bone of my sword

    Steel is my body and Fire is my blood

    I have created over a thousand blades

    Unknown to death, nor known to life

    Through the centuries, I have withstood great pain to create many weapons for you

    Yet the hands I speak of will never hold anything ever again

    So as I pray to you, I pray, give me Unlimited Blade Works!

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