Burnside Carbine
Burnside carbine
Type Rifle
Uses ammo Rifle Ammo
Damage to
Supernatural Foes
5 HP
Damage to Outlaws 9 HP
Cost Coin template 850
A souvenir from the days of the Civil War. Damage Bonus against Outlaws.
—In-game description

Burnside Carbine is a rifle in. It is the cheapest and the weakest among all the rifles. It can be purchased for 850 coins.


  • Damage: Not too shabby. Bonus 25% to Outlaws. It's a good starter weapon, but the player shouldn't earn the money – it can be obtained for free by winning the Bronze Bullet Chest.
  • Range: The second best stat of this weapon, perfect at long-ranged attacks (but Sniper Rifles are still a better choice).
  • Fire Rate: The worst stat of this weapon. It might be a rifle, but it fires quite slowly even when upgraded. It is best used for missions where enemies move slowly and have low health.
  • Reload: The best stat of this weapon. It says that it's quite promising, but once the player reloads it, he/she will see that it's quite slow.
  • Ammo: Burnside Carbine uses Rifle Ammo. It stores 18 bullets (if fully upgraded) per reload.


  • It is like its real life counterpart, Burnside carbine, which was made and highly used before the Spencer repeating rifle during the Civil War.
  • It is used by low-level players in Multiplayer and a very popular and good starter weapon for low levels.
  • It has increased damage in Multiplayer: about 25-30 HP damage provided one has Common Clothing on.
  • This weapon can be won in the Bronze Bullet Chest lottery that can be played for free during the lottery tutorial.
  • It is also the weapon used by Confederate Soldiers. However, in the mission "Plague Outbreak," the soldiers use Rusty Guns instead of Burneside Carbine. If you kill one of the soldier, it cannot be obtained.
  • Unlike its real-life counterpart, in this game the rifle is lever action.