Cannon gun
Fire powerful armor-piercing projectiles.
—In-game description

The Cannon Gun is a revolver/pistol-like handgun that fires two bullets in one shot. It has two phrases written on each barrel. The top barrel says "One Shot", and the lower one says "2 Kill".

It costs 32 Sheriff Stars (23 during any sale), and requires Cannon Gun Ammo, which can be purchased at 100 coins for 40 bullets.


Cannon ammo

This weapon uses Cannon Gun Ammo

  • Damage: Decently good, when fully upgraded, this stat is moderately high. 
  • Range: The second best stat along with the damage.
  • Fire Rate: Good. Fast when fully upgraded.
  • Reload: The third best stat with the range. When fully upgraded, the bar is nearly full and takes less than a second.
  • Ammo: Pretty good. 16 bullets when fully upgraded.


  • If you won it at the Shooting Lottery with the Silver Bullet Chest, you will save 22 Stars. And if you won with the Gold Bullet Chest, you will save 12 Stars.
  • If you hit a Nightwalker, it does more damage than displayed on the screen.                                                                            
  • The range is identical to the Doom Bringers, but more accurate.
  • The shots spread, but not like a shotgun.
  • This may seem like a shotgun but it isn't. It only fires two bullets in one shot, one bullet from each barrel. That is the reason it has decent range.
  • This weapon is recommended for low-medium level players.