Confederate coins
These dollars can't be used to buy anything, but they're pretty nifty anyway.
—In-game description

Quest description

This old confederate money can't buy squat now... The bills are just collector's items these days. Maybe you should start collecting them!
Collection complete! That's a great feeling, right? You should frame all those bills or somethin'!
Items to collect
12 Confederate Dollars (Requires 1 inventory slot)
Quest item(s) found in
Collect the 12 Confederate Dollars.
Coin template +20Xp template +200

Confederate Dollar location


  • Sometimes if you have collected all 12 Confederate Dollars, your journal states that you have collected 5 (usually 11) of 12 Confederate Dollars causing you to not completing the quest. All you need to do to make the bug pass, is removing just 1 Confederate Dollar. Then the game tells you that you completed the quest.