Confederate Soldiers
A Confederate Soldier's appearance.
Vital statistics
Title Male
Race Unknown
Faction Human
Health Low
Level Low
Status Alive
Location Fort Ghost, Arizona - Prosperidad, Arizona - Socorro Town, Oregon

Confederate Soldiers, also known as Guards, are low-level characters appearing in Six Guns. They are located at Fort Ghost, Arizona and Socorro Town, Oregon.


  • Confederate Soldiers wear a standard grey uniform and a white hat.
  • They use Burnside Carbines as their main weapons.

Missions they appear in

Fort Ghost

Guards help Buck Crosshaw in this mission by killing the waves of incoming monsters.

Plague Outbreak

Buck Crosshaw defends Socorro Town, Plague's first target to be deceased. He has to secure certain areas that include Guards within. Otherwise, he will fail in the mission and Plague will take control of Socorro.


  • Confederate Soldiers usually don't attack the player when he/she does first, but the ones set in Oregon attack the player if he kills one of them or the citizens.
  • They have no reaction to Buck if he killed people in the saloon.
  • During the Stranger's quest, they will shoot Buck on Prosperidad and Outlaw Camp for taking wanted posters.
  • Although they fight beside Buck in the mission located at Fort Ghost, they don't do much damage to Supernatural Foes and die quickly and since they use a Burnside Carbine the damage they do is not that much. Sometimes they are not present during the Fort Ghost missions.
  • For some reason, if you attack bandits in Socorro Town, the soldiers will attack you. Even when they are the Sheriff guards, and the bandits are against the Sheriff.