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The Crucificator in-game

A holy weapon said to bring the fire of justice to those who are evil.
—In-game description

The Crucificator is a special weapon in Six Guns. It costs 97 Sheriff Stars, and it has the fourth highest damage statistic following the Swarm Gun, The Desecrator and the Scythe in multiplayer.


Crucificator ammo

The ammo of the Crucificator.

  • Damage: Extremely high. A direct hit in multiplayer mode with a fully upgraded Crucificator can deal more than 300 HP. About 200 HP when not upgraded. It is an explosive weapon, so it has a blast radius that can deal damage to other targets and burn damage (in Single Player only). It can kill a Werewolf in 1 or 2 hits.
  • Range: Good, though not as far as a sniper rifle. In order to fire this far, however, you need to point it up so that it arcs. Note that after several seconds, the shot will explode in the air.
  • Fire Rate: The fire rate is quite slow but not bad considering the devastating damage.
  • Reload: Not so bad, better than the fire rate and ammo.
  • Ammo: Fully upgraded it loads 6 grenades, though this is quite reasonable as it already has great damage. Its ammo does come for free every 100 hours, so that's a bonus. The ammo also costs 225 coins for 10 grenades.


No. Name Description Outro Icon
17 KA-BOOM! Kill 5 enemies with a single crucificator explosion. ...that was the sound they made before flying through the air in pieces FB KABOOMx96
84 Collateral Damage Kill an enemy with a Crucificator and die in the same explosion. It was worth it! FB CollateralDamagex200


  • This weapon also counts as a shotgun (for achievements).
  • Do not use this weapon up close. If you use this weapon at a range closer than or equal to a shotgun's, you will kill yourself with the explosion. Firing at short distance (5-6 meters) will inflict critical damage.
  • This weapon is extremely fun to use on MP Canyon. Just go up to the cliffs of any base and start blowing up things.
  • Based on the appearance and description of it, many people may think that it has a bonus damage to demons, but it actually does normal damage to both outlaws and demons.
  • Its shots arc like a grenade launcher's.
  • The crosshairs change to a different crosshair when zoomed in.
  • It is the only explosive weapon whose explosion causes your enemies to fly, even after their death. It also cause you to fly if the explosion hits you.
  • This weapon cannot do any damage to Mechanical Nightwalkers.
  • The best way to use this in MP El Matadero is to fire it up in the sky from your base such that it hits the other base and any one with a low health is blown to bits.