Some Cultists doing some sort of ritual.

You're mine!

Cultist is an enemy. She uses a big knife to attack and will charge the player head on. She can be found on both outlaw and demon missions in Six Guns. She is considered to be both demon and outlaw, like the Vampire Cowboy, but is considered an outlaw because rifles do increased damage against her while shotguns do not. She also doesn't dissipate into dark smoke like demons do when they die.


  • The lines spoken by her shows that she performs cannibalism, perhaps as a ritual or simply out of savagery.
  • She appears to be convinced that she is immortal, as she repeatedly says, "You can't kill me!"
  • She deals similar damage to a Nightwalker.
  • In Madness's mission, however, Cultists does dissipate into dark smoke when dead like Witches. This is the only mission to do so.

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