Shotgun ammunition.

Short-range weapon with a wide area of effect. Bonus against Supernatural foes.
—In-game description

The Double-Barrel Shotgun, is an early level shotgun in Six Guns. It costs 3,500 coins and is the first shotgun unlocked.


  • Damage: It says that it's medium, but if only one of the shotgun's shot pellets hit your target, it will only cause 2% of damage, but at least the other pellets may hit other enemies. Attacking from kicking/Scything distance is the best way to get all five bullets to hit the target. Bonus 25% to supernatural foes.
  • Range: Like all other shotguns, this stat is the worse of all. It can only shoot enemies from a few meters away. This was increased in an update.
  • Fire Rate: Not too promising, but still isn't a huge handicap. This, like all weapons, can be increased by using the Fast Aim Glitch.
  • Reload: It reloads pretty fast, unlike live shotguns nowadays. Present shotguns require you to reload bullets one by one, but this on only requires you to open the center of the gun and load in a few.
  • Ammo: The second best besides the fire rate, though only 2 shots are provided per reload. Upgrading this is a priority. It holds 7 rounds when fully upgraded.

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