Dual Guns
Type Handgun
Uses ammo Gun Ammo
Damage 12 HP
Cost Coin template 8,500
Unlocked at Level 12
Twice the destruction. Twice the fun.
—In-game description

Dual Guns are the cheapest, the first dual-wielded weapons, and one of the best original handguns.


  • Damage: Pretty good when fully upgraded – 8 HP damage per shot, amounting to 16 HP damage per attack button tap when not upgraded. Better than other revolvers.
  • Range: Average.
  • Fire Rate: Slow, but it fires two shots per attack button tap.
  • Reload: Very good for a cheap weapon.
  • Ammo: 18 bullets when not upgraded, but uses 2 bullets in every shot, which can waste your Gun Ammo.


  • When the player is not holding it, the other gun disappears while one of the guns is deposited in the character's gun holster. This also happens with the Doom Bringers and the Submachine Gun.
  • When in cover and aiming mode, only the right gun shoots while the left doesn't, even if it looks like it shoots. Keep pressing the shoot button to fire both.
  • To make it more effective, try to shoot by tapping the shoot button instead of holding it, so the left one will always shoot and it can fire faster. This mostly works with non-fully upgraded Dual Guns and Single Player, because you cannot move around while doing rapid fire.
  • It seems like it has a drum clip, but the reloading sound is a revolver-like sound.
  • It fires faster when walking, running or aiming. This only works when you are on a low tier on fire rate.
  • This is one of the most popular guns in Multiplayer used by low-leveled players.
  • They are used by Lone Wolf in bandit form in the Of Claws and Fangs mission.
  • You can run faster if your gun is out of the gun holster, but when you are not aiming, at which point Buck holds the weapon over his ears.
  • In the Lottery tutorial, the Bronze Bullet Chest will always reward the player with Dual Guns no matter which slot they picked.