Eagle eye
A legendary sniper rifle with absolute precision and deadly effectiveness.
—In-game description

The Eagle-Eye Sniper Rifle is a sniper rifle. It costs 30 Sheriff Stars.



This weapon uses the Sniper Ammo.

  • Damage: 40 HP per shot when not upgraded and 60 when fully upgraded.
  • Range: Extremely good.
  • Fire Rate: Like all snipers, it cannot shoot at a fast rate.
  • Reload: Decent.
  • Ammo: Very low. 1 round when not upgraded, 12 rounds when fully upgraded.


  • This weapon or any other sniper rifles is required to do Eagle-Eye and The Outlaw Hunter missions.
  • It has the second highest damage in all sniper rifles in single-player after The Inevitable End and in multiplayer.
  • It has an insanely long scope similar to the M1903 Springfield from WW2.