Fists are the first melee "weapons" you use in Six Guns. You can only use fists if your current weapon has no ammo. In the beginning of the game, you use them in the mission "Melee Fight" and the first Storyline Part 2 mission. You also can move then punch, causing the target to get hit multiple times with a single punch.


  • Damage: Very, very bad. One damage a punch, and two on a "headshot".
  • Range: You have to get closer than a shotgun, but you can hit multiple targets.
  • Fire Rate: Punches can be thrown quite quickly.


  • Weirdly, you can perform critical hits and headshots.
  • When you are in cover and attack, you move like your character had a weapon.
  • The attack when behind cover is the same as the Hellraisers or the Scythe with a double swipe.
  • If you run and punch, you do extra damage due to hitting a target multiple times in one punch.
  • You get locked in place while punching. This is the same for any heavy weapon.
  • If you tap the attack button 3 times, the right arm punches straight, the second one the left arm punches up, and the last one the right arm punching high up.
  • You can perform "headshots" even when not hitting the head.