A hillside view of the fort


A view of inside the fort

Fort Malanoche is a fort in Arizona located on the southeast of Los Arcos. There are many Chicken God Totems, a Confederate Dollar (near the Wild Apple tree), and an Anti-Vampire Tonic. There's a mission where the player must wipe out the outlaw gang who took it over, it is Malanoche Assault. If you go up the middle flight of stairs you will discover a door is closed and cannot be opened, same with the other hallways. Strangely, horses cannot enter the fort.


  • It is unknown if this fort was used for military combat.
  • Snakes and armadillos randomly wander around the outside of the fort area.
  • "Malanoche" is Spanish for "Bad Night".

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  • Anyone else unable to complete the mission?

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    • just go out(not out of boundry walls of fort just outside the main enterance) and stand on the left side, see on map when a red dot pops out...
    • Click on the map and then click on the quit mission icon, which looks like a journal with a slash on it.