GM Insignia

Gameloft LIVE! is exactly like Gamecentre. You can add/invite friends to your friends list and see what games you/they have. To invite friends, just tap the friends tab and insert his/her name under the "Enter Friend ID" below the "Friends" title. But there is also another way to add friends without logging into Gameloft LIVE!. After a multiplayer match, you will mostly see a plus sign next to the players name in the results. Tap the plus to send him/her a request. But sometimes, it may not be a plus sign, but it will be another sign instead like in Modern Combat 2, its a green colored soldier holding a gun. You can also send friends messages by tapping the message tab and type the message you want in the blank and tap send. You can also check out other games released by Gameloft via tapping the games tab. At your homepage, you will receive the latest news. You will also be able to change your ID, avatar and information, just tap your name/avatar on your homepage and then tap it the second time. Now you will be able to change your account.