Type Melee
Uses ammo Doesn't use ammo
Damage 84 HP
Cost 235 Sheriff Stars
First seen 1.0.8
Steam-powered strikers! It's like hitting your opponent with a runaway locomotive!
—In-game description

The Hellraisers are melee weapons that came out in version 1.0.8. They don't use ammo (like the Scythe). They cost 94 Sheriff Stars.


  • Damage: 84 HP (each glove when fully upgraded). It hits twice in the process of punching once at a certain angle.


  • It's much harder to hit enemies in Multiplayer with Hellraisers than hitting them with a Scythe, because they lack range. Also, the damage is less than a third of the damage in Single Player because sometimes hits do not register. It also lacks the benefit of hitting multiple targets in one punch that is found in Single Player, making this the worst melee weapon that can be purchased (not including Fists).
  • Whenever you hit a dead horse or animal, the Hellraisers will emit electricity.
  • The stance and pattern of attack is the same as Terror Talons; which are much better in terms of damage and price.
  • When attacking from cover, it produces sounds like the Scythe.