Type Special weapon
Uses ammo Stakes Pack
Damage 100 HP
Cost Coin template 65,000
Unlocked at Level 22
Shoots powerful stakes that can impale your enemies against walls.
—In-game description

The Impaler is a special weapon. It costs 65,000 coins and unlocked at level 22.

This can be alternatively obtained by inviting 3 friends by having them enter your Friend Code in the start of the game (account is new), then they must reach level 12 to have a successful invite.


  • Damage: The best stat of it. Enough to kill a Werewolf with a few shots. When not upgraded, it deals 80 damage, increase by 4 HP damage each upgrade tier until the maximum of 100.
  • Range: Very good. Ideal for long-range shots.
  • Fire Rate: Low, but the damage of Stakes may take its place.
  • Reload: Stunningly impressive. Reloads at a great speed.
  • Ammo: It uses Stakes Pack. Very low. It starts off with only one shot, making you have to reload frequently. The ammo is a bit expensive considering the damage. When fully upgraded, it holds 10 Stakes per reload.


  • The stake causes the spawn point of NPC's outside of missions to be changed to where they were thrown.
  • The ammo has to travel in air before hitting the target, making moving targets hard to hit.
  • The stake actually does impale enemies to walls, if the target is close to the wall, if not, the Stake will push the target way back. Same with Spike Spinner.
  • A good cheap weapon, useful in most conditions, making it one of the best weapons in Single Player.
  • The reload animation for this weapon in Single Player is very similar to the Demon Thrower's reload animation.
  • This weapon can take War out in 3-4 shots (when full upgraded).
  • It is highly recommended for all the storyline missions and is also ideal in Multiplayer.


  • Stake changes the size either to a very big size to very small depending on the size of the target.
  • A glitch in Multiplayer makes it fire twice in one shot. This glitch was removed in later updates.