Longshot Repeater 1887
Type Rifle
Uses ammo Rifle Ammo
Damage to
Supernatural Foes
42 HP
Damage to Outlaws 53 HP
Cost Coin template 18,500
Unlocked at Level 15
The gun that won the West. Damage Bonus against Outlaws.
—In-game description

Longshot Repeater 1887 is a rifle. It is the best cheap coins-based weapon that is very useful in all conditions in Single Player.


  • Damage: The second best stat of this weapon, Base damage does 42 damage, 63 in a headshot with an upgrade. Bonus 25% damage against Outlaws, which brings the damage up to 50.5.
  • Range: The third best stat of this weapon, high.
  • Fire Rate: The worst stat of this weapon. It is quite bad as first, but fast if upgraded.
  • Reload: It reloads quickly in comparison to other rifles, but as with any rifle, it is still relatively slow.
  • Ammo: Uses Rifle Ammo. It has 10 shots per load, 30 if upgraded.


  • One can be seen in the Mayor's House and other in General Store both in Socorro Town, but they cannot be obtained.
  • It is based off the Winchester Rifle Model 1886, and it is a repeater carbine with the bullets in the lower barrel.
  • In the trailer, it makes the same sound as a shotgun.
  • Before version 2.0.0, this was the weapon Buck Crosshaw holds in the loading screen.
  • Vampire Cowboys use this weapon frequently in the beginning stages of the missions.
  • The name is a reference to the Winchester Model 1887 Repeating Carbine, the first rifle that had a magazine exceeding 5 rounds.
    • In reality, The design of the actual weapon prevented necked rifle cartridges to be loaded, so the equivalent to a modern handgun round was used.
    • When taking cover behind walls,when you aim and fire,it will as if it was semi auto.


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