El Matadero is a multiplayer map that was included in version 1.0.6 iOS. As you can see by the pictures, it is a pretty big map. Both teams have a sniping deck where you can snipe. There are many walls you can hide in, for example, the outside corner in the entrance to the hallway leading to the Red Team sniping deck. However, Blue team's sniping deck is not as effective. Both bases have a sniping deck, as well as an elevated platform and cover in both bases. Red appears to have a more aggressive base while blue has an elegant base. You can enter both bases 3 ways: Take a hallway leading to the sniper tower and base, barge right through the front gate, or sneak up on your enemies through the alley way. Both the hallway and alley way are very long routes for running away/taking the flag, while going in and out the gate is faster but more dangerous.


  • This is Multiplayer's true default map, as if you created a match and something went wrong, this map would be the map in your match.
  • This map is based on Fort Malanoche, though the blue team area resembles it more than red.
  • The name "El Matadero" means "The Killer", "Slaughterhouse", or "Abbatoir" in Spanish.
  • Blue team's sniping deck has a smaller hole, but more cover, while Red team's sniping deck has a larger gap, but less cover.
  • This is the most played map, and Six Guns' first multiplayer map.
  • El Matadero is a great map for snipers and for beginners to get the hang of multiplayer.
  • You can shoot people on the sniping deck from under. Why this happens is unknown but it is most likely a glitch.
  • In the trailer, props were seen destroyed in a Fort, but this is not possible in multiplayer.
  • The trailer has more than 8 people in El Matadero.
  • This map is great for sniping, as of the two sniping decks.
  • This map can be turned into a huge spawn trap.


  • In the version 2.2.0, Blue team and Red team have a chance to spawn into the other team's base upon a new match, though it is possible this could have been intended.
  • There used to be lots of walls you could climb into, until climbing in Multiplayer was removed. There were still more spots to find.
  • In both bases, there is a spot you can go to and not be harmed by bullets, but you can be harmed by explosive weapons and melee weapons. This bug was fixed on the blue base only though.