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The exterior view of Prosperidad

Prosperidad is an area that has many destroyed and abandoned buildings, a water tower, many Chicken God Totems, a Confederate Dollar (near the cemetery), an Anti-Vampire Tonic, some Bandit's Map Pieces, and many dreamcatchers. Every time you arrive to this area, three or two foxes will appear to kill you, and there is usually a snake at the road sign. Also, graves in Prosperidad have a 45% chance to spawn Nightwalkers and Werewolves.

Missions and Quests


No. Name Description Outro Icon
32 Population: Zero Kill 16 civilians at Socorro OR 16 civilians at Prosperidad. This place is a ghost town. FB Population0x96


  • The population of this area is same as Socorro Town.
  • While doing the mission 'The World Will End in WAR', this place will be on fire.
  • There are Old Callahan's Seeds and Indian Joe's Prospector Office signs on two buildings, which are abandoned. They may have moved to Socorro Town, where they are seen again.