Quarter horse
A hardy horse, it can gallop much longer than others.
—In-game description

The Quarter Horse is a special horse that looks like the Azteca Horse, but with much better stats. It can be purchased for 65,000 coins. As of version 2.8.2, this horse can only be obtained in the lottery.


  • Trot: Good trot halfway across the bar. Not the best, but sufficient.
  • Gallop: A little slow, only a bit better that the trot.
  • Stamina: Exceptionally good. It even overlaps the scale, being the first horse to do so.
  • Recovery: Very good.


  • This horse is also used by the Exorcist and Top Hat Bandits in the Storyline.
  • A real life American Quarter Horse's skin color is dark brown, though in-game it is white.
  • This horse looks like the Azteca Horse. But it has a rider's seat and some saddle bags at the back