Revolver Sniper Rifle
Type Sniper Rifle
Uses ammo Sniper Ammo
Damage 25 HP
Cost 5,000 coins
Unlocked at Level 10
A precision hunting rifle.
—In-game description

Revolver Sniper Rifle is a basic revolving chamber sniper rifle and the first sniper rifle in Six Guns.

It is unlocked at level 10 and can be obtained by purchasing it in the Shop for 5000 coins. It has a scope with a great amount of magnification, but still not as much as other sniper rifles.


  • Damage: Does decent damage. The damage increases to around 80 in Multiplayer, good for killing low-leveled players in Multiplayer maps. Only does 25 in Single Player when fully upgraded.
  • Range: The best stat of it. Can shoot up to 700 meters.
  • Fire Rate: Not so fast. Recommended as first thing you upgrade when getting it.
  • Reload: Mildly fast.
  • Ammo: It uses Sniper Ammo. Not very good.


  • This weapon is required to do Eagle-Eye and The Outlaw Hunter missions.
  • The damage of this weapon is greatly increased in Multiplayer and is greatly used by beginners in multiplayer.
  • It is used by snipers that work for Sharp Joe in Part 2 of the Storyline.
  • It is the only sniper rifle that costs coins.
  • This sniper rifle can sometimes only be obtained in the Lottery as of version 2.4.0, which is not very pleasant for some players that need a cheap sniper rifle.
  • It seems to be based off of the Mexican Pieper Revolving Carbine.
  • When taking cover,the fire rate will increase similar to the Rusty Gun.