Type Special weapon
Uses ammo Ripper Disks
Damage 18 HP
Cost Coin template 100,000
Unlocked at Level 30
First seen 1.0.8
An unholy Ripper can cut anything into pieces
—In-game description

The Ripper is a special crossbow-like weapon that fires sharp metal discs. It can be unlocked at level 30 and obtained for 150,000 coins, but as of version 2.9.0 it now only costs 100,000 coins.


Ripper ammo

This weapon uses the Ripper Disks

  • Damage: 12 HP when not upgraded, 18 HP on a regular hit, and 32 HP on a critical when fully upgraded. The Golden Ripper does 25 HP a hit and 37 HP on a headshot.
  • Range: Not like a sniper weapon, but still pretty far.
  • Fire Rate: It shoots extremely fast.
  • Reload: Slow if not upgraded. When upgraded, it is acceptable.
  • Ammo: Holds a lot of ammo. It holds 20 disks when non-upgraded and 32 when fully upgraded.


  • While moving, your arm moves as it would with a rifle.
  • When fired, it makes the same sound as Demon Thrower.
  • One of the four Gold Weapons.
  • The Golden Ripper gives 19% more damage to outlaws.
  • Although it is considered to be the weakest special, it is decent in Singleplayer, because the ammo is cheap (165 coins for 80 metal disks) and the Fire Rate is very high compared to most weapons.
  • When you are a Gold VIP, you can obtain this weapon as a Silver Ripper.
  • The projectiles from the Ripper would need time to reach its target. So consider aiming in front of your target if it is moving.


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