If you're wanting to be an admin of this wiki, follow these rules and you may find the words "Sheriff" next to your name.

  1. You have to reach 5000+ overall edits, 1000+ edits on articles and get to be known by the admins of the wiki.
  2. Log on to the wiki often, because if you don't, your chance of becoming an admin is lowered.
  3. Behavior matters as well, do not swear too much and do not disrespect fellow wikians.
  4. Do not get blocked from the wiki for; the reason you were blocked will decide how much time you have to be blocked.
  • In most cases, bureaucrats will promote you without/before you send an application. Rarely do the bureaucrats accept applications, especially from people who send them all the time.

Once a promotion is made, it will be announced in the Wiki Announcements in the main page. The date of when you became an admin will be displayed. And people just joining the wiki will see that you are an admin.

Note: If you become corrupt with your power, we will demote you.