Rusty Gun
Type Handgun
Uses ammo Gun Ammo
Damage 5 HP
Cost Coin template 250
A rusty weapon used by the most infamous outlaws.
—In-game description

Rusty Gun is a revolver that must be purchased for 250 coins at the beginning of the game. It is the first weapon Buck Crosshaw obtains.



This weapon uses the Gun Ammo

  • Damage: Not good – it can only do up to 5 HP when fully upgraded.
  • Range: Rather average range.
  • Fire Rate: Quite slow. However, it is fast when fully upgraded.
  • Reload: Fast.
  • Ammo: Quite promising but still quite low. Fast fire rate and low damage makes the ammo run out a lot faster.


  • The Devil used this weapon along with with his Spheres.
  • It looks like it is based off of a LeMat Revolver, but with a few differences.
  • Though its name says "Rusty Gun", it really doesn't show any signs of rust or wear.


  • Using a Rusty Gun right after a shotgun in Multiplayer will increase its damage.
  • The Rusty Gun will trigger a bleeding effect if used while reloading a shotgun.
  • If you shoot this gun and quickly switch, the gun you switched to will deal how ever much the Rusty Gun can do for only one hit.
  • This weapon is also used for shooting at the Lottery.
  • When this weapon is disowned and bought again, then it prints a purchase message identical to the Lee Navy Bolt-Action.