Scythe sc
An unholy scythe forged long ago in the depths of Hell.
—In-game description

The Scythe is the first purchasable melee weapon and costs 72 Sheriff Stars. This weapon doesn't need ammo.

This is, in the long run, an excellent coin saver, and is best used against close ranged foes like Nightwalkers and Cultists, though it can also be very effective against gunners and Bandits due to its high damage. The Scythe, once wielded leaves you with little control for about 1 second, so swing wisely, and do not use it in places where it is hard to move!

It can also be used while mounted on a horse. When you trigger the attack button, you will swing it from left to right.

You can also "charge" it by pressing down on the attack button. If you release the button after a few seconds, you will perform two cyclones and finish off by slamming it on the ground.

When the attack button is triggered while behind cover, you will come out from the cover and slash twice according to whichever end of the cover you emerge from.



Statistics in Single Player (fully upgraded)


Stats in Multiplayer (not upgraded)


Stats in Multiplayer (fully Upgraded)

  • Damage: Very high (if upgraded), making it a deadly weapon. In Multiplayer, if fully upgraded it deals 216 HP and on a "headshot" deals 498-614 HP. Its Multiplayer bar shows a 98% full damage statistic, meaning it could do up to 1100 HP or more damage, giving this weapon the highest damage stat in the game. In Single Player it does triple damage per swing and it does 60 HP and 108 HP.


No. Name Description Outro Icon
54 Heavily Armed Cavalry Kill 10 enemies using the scythe while riding a horse. You feel like a hussar while wasting your enemies with your blade! FB HeavyCavalryx96


  • It is slightly harder to kill enemies while mounted, as attacks will often miss the target. One strategy is to time your attacks.
  • You get a 10% speed boost once drawn for 2.1 seconds and a 5% speed boost for all the other time.
  • Damage is greatly increased in Multiplayer, sometimes even more than 700 HP damage.
  • It takes much wider range than the Hellraisers to kill your enemies one by one as well as doing more damage.
  • When on a horse, switching to an empty weapon and then the Scythe will make you stand on your horse while holding the Scythe. Then, pressing the attack button will make you hold the Scythe in front of your face.


  • The currency used to purchase it and Demon Thrower were swapped, which allowed it to be purchased for 120 coins (less than Rusty Gun!), and the Demon Thrower to be bought for 150,000 Sheriff Stars. This was fixed.
  • This is the spiritual weapon of Multiplayer, and it appears alongside you whenever you join a match.
  • Sometimes this weapon will remain sheathed when wielded.