Shop is the place where you buy supplies for your journey. It contains packs, weapons, clothing sets, horses, healing elixirs, and weapon ammo. Some things are priced as coins, but others in Sheriff Stars. You can also buy some Packs (contains sets of clothing sets, horses, and weapons) that are priced in USD. There is also a promo tab that appears only when there are discounted items, a new tab that contains items included recently in an update, and a lottery tab that rotates weapons that can only be obtained in the lottery.


These are the packs that you can buy:

No. Pack Cost (USD) Contains
1 Bandit Pack $8.99
  1. Mexican Hat
  2. Mexican Jacket
  3. Mexican Pants
  4. Mexican Boots
  5. Longshot Repeater 1887
  6. Appaloosa Horse
2 Browncoat Pack $14.99
  1. Gunner Hat
  2. Gunner Jacket
  3. Gunner Pants
  4. Gunner Boots
  5. Assault Pump Shotgun
  6. Spanish Mustang
3 Rogue Pack $29.99
  1. Rogue Hat
  2. Rogue Jacket
  3. Rogue Pants
  4. Rogue Boots
  5. Triple-Barrel Terror
4 West Legend Pack $29.99
  1. Hunter Hat
  2. Hunter Jacket
  3. Hunter Pants
  4. Hunter Boots
  5. English Bloodhorse
  6. Railgun