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Wiki Announcements

  • January 1: Happy 2015 from the admins of the Six Guns Wiki!

  • February 11: The inevitable... is here NEW UPDATE! The 2.8.3 Death Update has finally been released! The last boss - Death is awaiting you in the Pond Dungeon and you are the only one that can put a stop to the impending apocalypse. Cheat Death with the new weapons, Armageddon Scythe & The Inevitable End and stop the last herald!

  • March 3: The "Report A Hacker!" Board is now defunct. Further use of the board is not recommended as instant actions towards reported hackers may not take place anymore. Forum board now serves a sole purpose for discussions on hackers, please report hackers straight to Gameloft's Customer Care now.

  • March 24: A creepy circus is traveling the Wild West and it brings new weapons, new outfits, new challenges, and a mysterious stranger with it! Check out the fun in the new Six-Guns update!

  • January 30: Keplers adopted the Wiki and now a Bureaucrat! Amwl415 and Bashihbk01 have been promoted to Administrator!

    • February 5: NEW UPDATE! The February 2014 Six Guns 2.2.0 update has just been released! Quickly update your app and experience all new weapons and stuff!

    • May 22: NEW UPDATE! The 2.4.0 Update has been released! A new type of league leaderboard will allow you to get more Coins and Xp! And don't forget to check out the new weapons, The Leveler & the Hand Dragons!

    • July 31: WAR.. has only just began. NEW UPADTE! The 2.5.0 War Update has finally been released! All new boss - War has appeared in Six Guns and is terrorizing Prosperidad! Defeat him with the new weapons, The Mutilator & the Mayhem Gauntlet before it's too late!

    • August 31: Former bureaucrat Amrsatrio has came back after a year long hiatus, despite being demoted, he is now an Administrator!

    • October 10: Plague... has arrived in the world. NEW UPDATE! The 2.6.0 Plague Update has finally been released! All new boss - Plague has appeared in Six Guns and is causing sickness and deaths! Finish him with the Contagion Crossbow before it's too late!

    • December 11: Madness... is here to to abuse your mind and blur your thoughts. NEW UPDATE! The 2.7.0 Madness Update has finally been released! All new boss - Madness has appeared in Six Guns and is making the locals in Fort Ghost mad! Stop him with the new wepaoons, Sanity's Demise & the Terror Talons and stop this madness now!

    UserRankWhat is this rank?
     Bashihbk01BureaucratAdministrator rights and promotion abilities
     KeplersBureaucratAdministrator rights and promotion abilities
     Amwl415BureaucratAdministrator rights and promotion abilities
     AmrsatrioSystem OperatorChat Moderator and Rollback rights,
    the ability to block users, delete/protect pages and
    edit protected pages
     Minja536System OperatorChat Moderator and Rollback rights,
    the ability to block users, delete/protect pages and
    edit protected pages
     Kevinlai33System OperatorChat Moderator and Rollback rights,
    the ability to block users, delete/protect pages and
    edit protected pages
     TheMCGamerPatrollerThe ability to rollback edits
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