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View on the town

Socorro Town is a town that has 17 buildings, Confederate SoldiersDreamcatchers, and multiple other collectable items.

If you shoot civilians, Confederate Soldiers will turn hostile against you.


In Socorro Town, there are three sub-areas, Mayor's House, Gem's Saloon, and General Store.

Mayor's House

Inside it, there is a Bandit's Map Piece (on the mayor's desk) and a Chicken God Totem (between the two cell doors). There are also some wanted posters posted on a board and some display weapons near the mayor's desk. However the player cannot collect these items.

Gem's Saloon

Inside it, there is a small group of people, the Lottery, a Bandit's Map Piece (on the table), two Anti-Vampire Tonics (one in front of the bed, and another next to the second floor outer door), and 3 Dreamcatchers (inside roof, left side, and right side). The mission "A Heavy Situation" is held here. After completing the mission "Fear and Loathing in Socorro", the Barman will be replaced by a woman.

General Store

Inside it, there is a shopkeeper and a Crystal Skull to the right facing the shopkeeper.



No. Name Description Outro Icon
15 Don't Stop the Music Kill the pianist at Socorro's Saloon Come now! His playing wasn't THAT bad... FB DontStopMusicx96
47 A Race around Socorro Complete the last mission of Socorro race. The tournament closed with only a few injured and dead civilians. FB SocorroRacex96


  • On the sign, you can figure out the population of this town: 142 23 16, which is where the Population: Zero achievement comes from.
  • When hit, the woman behind old Callahan's seeds emits the voice of a man.
  • The displayed weapons in the Mayor's House are missing their lever, suggesting they may be nonfunctional.
  • In one entrance of Socorro town, there is a statue holding an Assault Pump Shotgun.
  • This is the location of the Plague Outbreak mission.
  • The Pioneer Hotel is probably the home of the Confederate Soldiers, as there doesn't seem to be anywhere else for them to live.
  • Bandits on horseback will randomly spawn in front of the "Socorro Race" mission. Shoot their horses without hitting the Bandits. The Bandits will then fall off and start shooting you. Hide behind a Confederate Soldier when the Bandits shoot you. Shoot a soldier and hide behind a Bandit. The Bandits and Confederate Soldiers will have a gunfight. If you stay out of the way without shooting anyone (including civilians) or help the Confederate Soldiers kill the Bandits, the Confederate Soldiers will no longer be hostile when the Bandits all die. The main point here is to have fun watching the Confederate Soldiers and Bandits shoot each other.
  • The only building Prosperidad has that Socorro Town doesn't is the butcher shop.


  • In Gem's Saloon, on the top floor Bedroom, you can call your horse, but it does not move.
  • When you go to Gem's Saloon after doing the Fear and Loathing in Socorro mission, the barman will be replaced by a woman, but she emits the voice of the barman.
  • When Confederate Soldiers are hostile, you will be hit and hurt by their shots even through the hills when you hide outside (e.g. at the lake or the cemetery).