Turns any unlucky outlaw into a pile of bloody coleslaw.
—In-game description

Submachine Gun is a handgun weapon. They can only be obtained by winning the Silver Bullet Chest in the Lottery, or buying it for 199 Sheriff Stars in a sale, but it is rare.



This weapon uses the Submachine Gun Ammo

  • Damage: Low, but combined with the fire rate, this makes it quite damaging. In Multiplayer, the stat is increased to around more than half the bar.
  • Range: Decent stat for a weapon like this. The range is improved.
  • Fire Rate: As a submachine gun, obviously it is going to be quite fast.
  • Reload: Quite fast. Similar to Dual Guns.
  • Ammo: Plenty of ammo to kill your enemies, up to 130 rounds upgraded.


  • Like the Swarm Gun, it can only be obtained from the Lottery, but sometimes you're able to buy it for 199 Sheriff Stars for a limited time.
  • Probably the rarest weapon in Six Guns due to the fact that the Submachine Gun is the hardest weapon to be won in the Lottery.
  • It looks to be a Bullpup due to the magazine being behind the trigger.
  • Its name is singular, but they are in fact two weapons.
  • The shots fly in different directions if you're not aiming or shooting at targets from a distance. It works perfectly at close range.
  • They are the only double weapons which fire both guns when moving around in random direction.
  • There is glitch where the Submachine Gun can be bought for 10,000 coins in the store.