Swarm Gun
Type Special weapon
Uses ammo Bugs
Damage 75 HP
Cost 350 Sheriff Stars
Fires mechanical bugs that home onto the target and explode.
—In-game description


Swarm Gun is a special weapon that has currently the highest damage statistic amongst all the multiple projectiled homing weapons with stun effect, the Hand of Kisin and the Defiler included. Currently only obtainable by winning in the Gold Bullet Chest Lottery. Though in a glitch it can be bought from the shop for 350 Sheriff Stars (this is now patched), making it at equal with The Inevitable End in cost. It fires mechanical bugs that home in on enemies and explode on contact. They are simply called Bugs.


Bug ammo

This weapons uses Bugs

  • Damage: Each bug deals 50 HP (not upgraded) to 75 HP when upgraded (totaling to around 300 HP).
  • Range: Quite good, but since it is a tracking weapon it can surpass its marked range.
  • Fire Rate: Terrible; one of the worst ones. but the other stats make up for it when you account the damage and tracking ability. But you can use the zoom glitch to fire much faster.
  • Reload: Pretty quick for a gun with such damage.
  • Ammo: 4 (not upgraded) and 9 full upgraded. Not much at all, but considering the amount of damage you inflict for each shot it doesn't really matter.


  • The bugs do not have enough splash damage to deal any damage to any surrounding enemies.
  • If the target dies in less than the amount of shots fired, the remaining bugs will fly out in random directions, dealing damage if it hits an enemy.
  • The whole weapon has a bug/insect theme.
  • As with other homing weapons, Masquerade elixir is useful against it.
  • Though rare, the Swarm Gun is currently finding use in version 2.8.2 due to the Hand of Kisin's nerfing.


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