The Beast being aimed at, as well as a map of possible locations.

The Beast is a boss animal in Six Guns. It appears to be a yellow rabbit-like creature with black stripes on its tail, it hops just like a kangaroo. It is harmless and has low health, dying on 1 shot.


The Beast is located directly south of Eagle-Eye, next to a Dreamcatcher.


No. Name Description Outro Icon
26 The Beast Successfully kill the Beast. It was once the most feared creature in the West... and now it lies at your feet. FB TheBeastx96


  • The Beast has only a base health limit of 5.
  • It will never respawn, which makes it a boss creature.
  • The dolls in Jama-Jama are modeled after it.
  • It must be killed to get the Top of the Food Chain achievement.
  • It is described as deadly and murderous, but in reality it's harmless.
  • There is actually a small chance for it to respawn.


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