Casey Williams
Vital statistics
Title Female
Race Human
Faction Unknown
Health Unidentified
Level Unidentified
Status Alive
Location Williamson's Ranch, Arizona

The Lady is a woman who appears in Six Guns. Buck Crosshaw, the protagonist, meets her several times in the main Storyline. The Lady is often seen as the Six Guns mascot, appearing in every discount advertisement, mission description, and in weekly challenges once you get a reward.


  • The Lady has long blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • She wears a white blouse and a ruby necklace.

Missions she appears in

The First Mission

Buck Crosshaw sees her being beaten by some Outlaws, in which he attacks them to save the Lady. She thanks him and then disappears as the tutorial starts up.

La Grande Finale, Part 2

She can be seen with Buck after defeating the Devil, standing before the Exorcist's grave.


  • She is (possibly) one of the dancers at the Shooting Lottery.
  • She is referred to as "The Lady" at the Melee Fight's post-mission description.
  • She has an actual 3D model but only appears at the beginning of the game, at the tutorial and in the first Storyline mission and everywhere else ,she appears only as a 2D figure.
  • She has been fan-named, "Casey Williams".
  • She can be seen again in the first mission of the storyline update.
  • It appears as though she owns Williamson's Ranch, given that she is only seen there, and is one of two people that can be found there, the other being is the Exorcist.