The Professor
IMG 0402
Professor Zedock's appearance
Vital statistics
Title Male
Race Unknown
Faction Human
Health Unidentified
Level Unknown
Status Alive (was beaten by Buck Crosshaw)
Location Fort Malanoche, Arizona - Socorro Town, Oregon - Abandoned Train, Arizona

Professor Zedock, also known as the Professor or Egghead is a character in Six Guns set in Fort Malanoche, Arizona.


  • Professor Zedock also known as The Professor wears the Machinist Outfit, which provides him with perfect protection.
  • He wears glasses instead of the Machinist mask, a grey jacket instead of the black one.
  • Zedock uses the Flamethrower as his main weapon.
  • He has the same voice as the Vampire Cowboy.
  • The gas tank on his shoulder is red, instead of blue.

Missions he appears in

First Piece

Professor Zedock asks Buck Crosshaw to collect his Generator Key missing pieces after telling him that Mechanical Nightwalkers were behind its corruption.

Defeat the Professor

Buck Crosshaw realizes that the Professor had betrayed him. He then chases Zedock and defeats him. The Professor tells Buck that they will meet again.


  • Professor Zedock still takes damage from bullets, though the damage marker probably doesn't show, because it does less than one damage with many bullet firing weapons.
  • If his health bar does not get depleted even a bit, even after pouring lots of ammo, try lowering your auto-aim sensitivity. This auto-aim problem happens a lot with other "boss" characters as well.
  • Weapons recommended to fight him are the Flamethrower, Gatling Annihilator, Tesla Gun, Impaler, the Scythe and high-damage weapons.
  • He appears to be a in-game version of the Machinist Outfit like the Stranger is for the Witch Hunter Clothing.
  • In some In-Game promotions, he appears in the ads for them.