Witch Impaler
Type Special weapon
Uses ammo Fire Stakes Pack
Damage 56 HP
Cost Coin template 120,000
Unlocked at Level 10
Shoots powerful stakes that can impale your enemies and explode.
—In-game description

Witch Impaler is a special weapon. It fires explosive stakes unlike the Impaler and is the personal weapon of the Exorcist.


  • Damage: Second best stat of this weapon. Pretty good with a decent fire rate. However, due to the cost of the ammo, this weapon was brought down in terms of money back for money spent. The ammo costs 1 Sheriff Star before version 2.8.2. But after version 2.8.2, the ammo costs 170 coins.
  • Range: The best stat of this weapon. Ideal for long range shots. The shots can also go further due to how quick they are, and it arcs a little, so it could go beyond the range.
  • Fire Rate: This stat is rather good, shooting very fast once fully upgraded.
  • Reload: An exceptional reload.
  • Ammo: Small, 4 explosive stakes when not upgraded but 12 when fully upgraded.


No. Name Description Outro Icon
58 Witch Will Cry Buy the Witch Impaler. Hit 'em where it hurts! FB FighterWitchesx96


  • This weapon is required to do the Fight the Demon mission.
  • This weapon is always precise in hitting the Arch-Witch. The Flamethrower sometimes doesn't hit the Arch-Witch.
  • If the player has multiple special weapons, including this one, this is his/her default special weapon in Multiplayer, unless the player has the Hand of Kisin or the Ripper.
  • The player cannot kill him/herself with this weapon in Single Player due to the fact the splash radius is too small. But in Multiplayer it deals damage to you if you fire it on a nearby enemy or a wall close to you.
  • There are stakes on the outside of the barrel, but they do not do anything as the stakes fire from the barrel.
  • From the Storyline, the Exorcist says that this weapon can only be obtained by being part of the Brotherhood.
  • This weapon is often compared to the Flak Cannon, but while the Flak Cannon's shots arc, the Witch Impaler fires its projectiles straight.
  • It has become more popular as an explosive weapon of choice in Multiplayer because of the Flak Cannon's nerfing in version 2.8.2.


  • There is a glitch where the damage bar is zero.
  • Sometimes its hit doesn't register, so it does 0 HP damage.
  • Though the Witch Impaler's price is 120,000 coins, it can be bought for 110,000 coins in the shop in Multiplayer.
  • When you buy the Witch Impaler in the shop in Multiplayer, you cannot earn the achievement.


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